Dogtown Nugget Discovery Site

California State Historic Landmark 771

Plaque exists. No site exists. Landmark location.

Plaque Photo:

#771 Dogtown
Once the center of some of the richest mining claims in the country. The Dogtown Nugget weighing 56 pounds was found near here April 12, 1859. The town got its name from the great number of dogs raised and sold here by a Mrs. Bassett in the eighteen fifties.

#771 The Dogtown Nugget
This marker symbolizes the discovery of the first large gold nugget in California. It was found across this canyon in Willard Gulch April 12, 1859. Weight 54 pounds.

Site Photo:

No site exists.
Nothing remains of this site.


0.3 mi N of Pentz Rd on Old Skyway, Magalia.

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