Chimney Rock

California State Historic Landmark 737

Plaque exists. No site exists. Landmark location.

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#737 Chimney Rock
Conflicts between Indians and white settlers over the rich lands of the San Bernardino Mountains culminated in the battle at Chimney Rock on February 16, 1867. Although the Indians defended themselves fiercely, they were forced to retreat into the desert. In the years following, the Indians' traditional mountain food-gathering areas were lost to white encroachment.

#737 The last Indian fight in Southern California
In January 1867 Indians left their camp east of Chimney Rock to go into the San Bernardino Mountains where they looted and burned several cabins and a sawmill. In retaliation, a posse surprised the Indians at their camp and killed and wounded many, thus ending hostilities.

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No site exists.


Hwy 18 (PM 76.9) at Rabbit Springs Rd, 3.2 mi W of Lucerne Valley.

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