Sportsman's Hall - Overland Pony Express Route in California

California State Historic Landmark 704

Plaque exists. Site exists. Landmark location.

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#704 Sportsman's Hall
This was the site of Sportsman's Hall, also known as Twelve-Mile House. The hotel operated in the late 1850's and 1860's by John and James Blair. A stopping place for stages and teams of the Comstock, it became a relay station of the Central Overland Pony Express. Here, at 7:40 A.M. April 4, 1860, pony rider William (Sam) Hamilton, riding in from Placerville, handed the express mail to Warren Upson, who, two minutes later, sped on his way eastward.

#704 Sportsman's Hall
California's only home station where riders changed on the Pony Express Trail. Here, at 8:01 A.M. on April 4, 1860, Sam Hamilton, first eastbound rider, was relieved by Warren Upson who carried the initial mail over the then storm swept Sierras.

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5622 Old Pony Express Trail, Cedar Grove.

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