Camp Union, Sutterville

California State Historic Landmark 666

Plaque exists. No site exists. Landmark location.

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#666 Camp Union, Sutterville
The 5th Infantry Regiment California Volunteers, was organized here on 8 October, 1861 and trained by Brevet Brigadier General George W. Bowie for duty in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas against the Confederate forces. Since this was the year of the great flood, the troops aided the flood-stricken capital. Company F (Sacramento Rangers) 2d Cavalry Regiment, California Volunteers, was organized in Sacramento 25 August 1861 and later served here. This company furnished a large number of officers for other units of the California Volunteers.

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No site exists.
Nothing remains of this site.


NW corner of Suttervile and Land Park Dr, Sacramento.

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