Star of India

California State Historic Landmark 1030

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#1030 "Star of India"
The "Star of India," a three masted bark, is the oldest iron-huled merchant ship afloat. Built on the Isle of Man, Great Britain, she was launched in 1863 and christened "euterpe". The trans-Pacific trade from 1871-1898 resulted in the "Euterpe" circumnavigating the earth twenty-one times, stopping in San Francisco in 1873 and 1883. She was purchased by the Alaska Packers Association to service the salmon canneries in Alaska. Leaving each season from Alameda, during 1902-1923, "Euterpe" was renamed "Star of India". "Star of India" continues to sail the Pacific Ocean as an active reminder of early California's maritime commerce.

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Maritime Museum, 1306 N. Harbor Dr, San Diego (at foot of Ash St.)

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