Kimberly Crest

California State Historic Landmark 1019

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#1019 Kimberly Crest
Mary Kimberly Shirk, an advocate for women's education and acting president of Scripp's College during World War II, made a gift of her home, Kimberly Crest, to the people of Redlands. The house, an excellent example of Chateauesque architecture designed by the firm of Dennis and Farwell, was constructed in 1897. Mrs. Shirk's parents purchased it in 1905, adding the magnificent Italian style gardens, designed by Parkinson and Bergstrom, in 1909. Mrs. Shirk's father, J. Alfred Kimberly, was a founder of the Kimberly-Clark Paper Company. Her mother, Helen Cheney Kimberly, was a strong supporter of the woman's club movement.

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1325 Prospect Dr, Redlands.

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